Polymer HRP and AP Detection Kits:
Multiple Staining For Animal Tissue
Double Stain Kits For Mouse & Rabbit Antibodies
Double Staining Kits for MOUSE and RABBIT Primary Antibodies on MOUSE Tissue
  • Polymer HRP and AP conjugates, biotin free.
  • Two primary antibodies can be incubated simultaneousely.
  • Two enzyme conjugated secondary antibodies can be incubated simultaneousely.
  • The best signal/background ratio is achieved by the Primer.
  • Endogenouse mouse IgG is effectively eliminated by this protocol.
  • Total 5 steps from primary antibody to chromogen staining.
  • Many color combinations: red & brown; red & purple; or red & green.
  • Tested on paraffin embeded mouse tissue.
  • Size means total volume of polymer conjugates in kit.
Cat No.NameChromogenSize(s)Enzyme ConjugatesdataSheetorder
DS233A-18Polink DS-MR-Ms A KitDAB, GBI-Permanent Red36mLHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233A-6Polink DS-MR-Ms A KitDAB, GBI-Permanent Red12mLHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233A-60Polink DS-MR-Ms A KitDAB, GBI-Permanent Red120mLHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233B-18Polink DS-MR-Ms B KitBCIP, AEC36mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233B-6Polink DS-MR-Ms B KitBCIP, AEC12mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233B-60Polink DS-MR-Ms B KitBCIP, AEC120mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233C-18Polink DS-MR-Ms C KitEmerald, GBI Permanent-Red36mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233C-6Polink DS-MR-Ms C KitEmerald, GBI Permanent-Red12mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb
DS233C-60Polink DS-MR-Ms C KitEmerald, GBI Permanent-Red120mlHRP x Ms, AP x Rb