Polymer HRP and AP Detection Kits:
For Human Tissue
For Mouse, Rabbit & Goat Antibody
Polink-2 HRP polymer and AP polymer detection for MOUSE, RABBIT and GOAT antibodies on human tissue:
  • Two steps polymer detection system (2nd generation technology) with high sensitivity. Biotin free.
  • Detect mouse IgG, rabbit IgG and goat IgG.
  • 15-20 minutes +15-20 minutes incubation.
  • Human serum protein adsorbed.
  • Select chromogen Kits: DAB, DAB-Ni, AEC, Permanent Red, Fast-Red, BCIP/NBT, AP-Blue.


Cat No.NameChromogenSize(s)dataSheetorder
D27-110Polink-2 AP Broad-3 (Ms. Rb. Gt) Bulk KitNot included110ml
D27-18/D27-6Polink-2 AP Broad-3 (Ms. Rb. Gt) with Permanent Red KitGBI-Permanent Red18ml/6ml
18ml - $403
6ml - $260