Klear Human HRP Polymer and AP Polymer Kits are designed for the detection of Human primary antibody on Human or Primate tissue
  • Specially designed to detect Human IgG antibody on Human tissue with clean background.
  • This polymer detection system is adsorbed to human serum protein to obtain superior  specificity and sensitivity.
  • As always GBI polymer kits are biotin free saving additional blocking step.

Simple Quick Protocol

  1.  Primer and human primary antibody are incubated  overnight at 4.
  2.  Human 1’Ab mixture is incubated on tissue (30 minutes to 2 hours)
  3. 10 minutes incubation for anti-Human polymer-HRP conjugate.
  4.  5 to 20 minute chromogen incubation. Select chromogen Kits: DAB, DAB-Ni, AEC, Permanent Red, Fast-Red, BCIP/NBT, AP-Blue.
Cat No.NameChromogenSize(s)dataSheetphotoorder
D103-110DKlear Human HRP-Polymer DAB Bulk with DAB KitDAB110mL
D103-18Klear Human HRP-Polymer DAB KitDAB18ml
D103-6Klear Human HRP-Polymer DAB KitDAB6ml
D106-18Klear Human AP-polymer with Permanent Red KitGBI-Permanent Red18ml
D106-6Klear Human AP-polymer with Permanent Red KitGBI-Permanent Red6ml