Mounting Medium for IHC with Chromogen:
  • Select appropriate mounting medium based on chromgen or coverslip use.
  • Maintains the original stain intensity and characteristics.
  • Simpo-Mount (E03) is for universal use with excellent optical clarity.
  • Simpo-Mount (E03) form a liquid polymer hard film on slide and does not need coverslip.
Cat No.NameSize(s)Mounting TypeSuitable forPermanentCoverslipdataSheetorder
E01-100GB-Mount (Aqueous)100mlAqueousAEC, AP-Red, AP-Blueyesyes
E01-18GB-Mount (Aqueous)18mlAEC, AP-Red, AP-Blueyesyes
E02-18O-Mount (Organic)18mlDAByesyes
E03-100/E03-18Simpo-Mount (Aqueous)100ml/18mlUniversalyesno
100ml - $137
18ml - $41
E37-100U-Mount100mLOrganicDAB, GBI-Permanent Red, Emerald ChromogenyesYes
E37-18U-Mount18mLOrganicDAB, GBI-Permanent Red, Emerald Chromogenyesyes
Mounting Medium for in situ Hybridization with Chromogen
  • Use for permanent preservation of tissue sections and cell smears with alkaline phosphatase chromogen, such as BCIP/NBT & red stain
Products coming soon.
Mounting Reagents for Fluorescent Dye
  • Do not contain phenylenediamine that destroys immunofluorescence of Cy dyes, RP-E, PC and APC.
  • Preserves the following fluorescent dye: FITC, Texas Red, AMCA, Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, Alexa Fluoro 488, Alexa fluoro 594,Green Fluoresent Protein (GFP), tetramethyly rhodamine, Redox, Phycoerythrin (RP-E), Phyocyanin (PC), Allophycocyanin (APC)
  • The fluorescence is retained at a longer period if stored at 4°C in the dark
  • Choices of counter stain for DNA
Cat No.NameSize(s)Suitable forPermanentCoverslipdataSheetorder
E18-100/E18-18Fluorescent Mounting Medium (Aqueous)100ml/18mlNoyesYes
100ml - $293
18ml - $53
E19-100/E19-18Fluorescent Mounting Medium with DAPI (Aqueous)100ml/18mlDAPIyesYes
100ml - $449
18ml - $94