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Company Overview

GBI Labs / Golden Bridge International (GBI), Inc. was founded, in 1993, for the purpose of supplying well-developed, affordable, and innovative  pathology reagents and kits for research,  clinical, biotech, and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world.  Today, GBI Labs continues to develop new products and manufactures high quality Immunohistochemistry (IHC) reagents used for antigen/protein screening of cancer and other diseases in clinical and non-clinical research; antibody based drug discovery: and tradition application protein/antibody screens in human anatomic pathology and veterinary pathology.

GBI Labs unique line include pathology ancillary reagents, detection kits with horse radish peroxidase [HRP] and alkaline phosphatase [AP] polymer technology, and detection of multiple host species in addition to traditional mouse, rabbit, rat, and goat. We have the largest selection of double and triple staining kit with chromogens that allow semi quantitative analysis of co-localization protein expression using light microscope. Our Klear Human kit allows for rapid detection of human or humanized antibody on human tissues with no background.  We offer Klear kits for other species such as mouse, rabbit, and rat. 

Our mission is to bring state-of-art pathology reagents and technology to research and clinical labs through un-compromised product excellence and knowledgeable technical support team.