Double & Triple Staining Kits for Mouse and Human TissuesDouble Staining to View Co-localization of Two Proteins
  • Fig. A: Gt anti-PAX5 = Red
  • Fig. B: Ms anti-Ki67 = Emerald
  • Fig. C: Co-localization Ki67/PAX5 = Dark Blue
  • Counter Stained with Hemotoxylin
Double & Triple Staining Kits for Mouse and Human Tissues

Triple Staining Kit for 2 Mouse and 1 Rabbit Abs.

  • Mouse anti-Smooth Muscle Actin = Red Color
  • Mouse anti-PCNA = Emerald
  • Rabbit anti-CEA = Brown
Polymer HRP Detection Kits for Antibodies Made from Rare Species
  • Polink-2 Plus HRP anti-Armenian Hamster IgG Kit
  • Polink-2 Plus HRP anti-Sheep IgG Kit
  • Polink-2 Plus HRP anti-Guinea Pig IgG Kit
  • Polink-2 Plus HRP anti-Chicken IgY Kit
  • Photo: Armenian Hamster anti-MUC1 on Mouse Kidney
GBI Labs New Product Line

GBI Labs supplies high quality polymer HRP and AP IHC detection kits to detect mouse, rabbit, goat, rat, Armenian hamster, sheep, guinea pig, and chicken primary antibodies on human and animal tissues. We are the only supplier offering more than 50 products for IHC double and triple staining kits on the market.

GBI's New Chromogen Nickel DAB

Super Sensitive Nickel DAB
Produces a sharp black image 
Perfect for single, double, or triple staining

Left panel is Rb anti-ER on breast cancer
Right panel is Ms anti-Bcell on tonsil


Polymer HRP and AP (non-biotin) multi color staining kits
Multi color staining allows reviewing 2-3 targeted proteins on one tissue section. GBI Labs' Polink-DS (double staining) kits detect almost any two combinations of primary antibodies. Some kits are specially designed for reviewing co-expression on the same location in the tissue section.
GBI Labs' Polink-TS (triple staining) kits allow detecting 3 antigens with 5-6 hours. Two combinations of colors (brown/green/red or brown/red/black) can be selected at customer's choices.
View multi staining for human tissue
View multi staining for animal tissue

Polymer HRP and AP (non-biotin) Detection Kits
GBI Labs provides high quality polymer (non-biotin) detection kits to detect mouse, rabbit, goat, rat, chicken, sheep, Armenian hamster, and guinea pig primary antibodies. All secondary antibodies used in our detection system are highly purified. Polink-1 (1-step polymer) kits give customer quick turnaround time. Polink-2 (2-step polymer) and Polink-2 Plus (2-step polymer) detection kits provide the best signal to noise ratio. View Polymer HRP and AP for human tissue

High Specificity Detection Kits for Rodent Tissue
GBI Labs' ultgra sensitive polymer HRP and AP kits use newest polymer conjugated secondary antibody and proprietary blocking buffer to detect mouse antibody on mouse tissue, rat antibody on rat tissue, rat antibody on mouse tissue, or mouse antibody on rat tissue with very clean background. View Polymer HRP AP detection for animal tissue

IHC Gallary

New Products

Human on Human Detection Kit - GBI Labs' Klear Human Polymer Detection Kits can detect human antibody on human tissue with no background. This biotin-free product provides excellent sensitivity and high specificity - more...

Super Sensitive Nickel DAB - Produces a sharp black image,  perfect for single, double, or triple staining. click

Double Stain for Co-localization - Detect multiple species of primary antibodies in many combinations on human and rodent tissue.